Review : Obsessed by Ruchi Kokcha.

A psychological thriller from Ruchi Kokcha that is definite to give you goosebumps.

Book : Obsessed.

Author : Ruchi Kokcha.

Pages : 266

Genre : Psychological Thriller.

Publisher : Harper Collins India.

Format : Paperback ( Review Copy)

Synopsis : Investigative journalist Avik has finally found the one case that could bring him glory. Or death. As the mystery behind millionaire Kalki Rajput’s murder grows thicker, Avik is forced to risk it all to bring out the truth that has eluded many before him. If only he could uncover what the victim’s daughter had witnessed. Of course, that would mean diving into the depths of her madness. He had thought he could resurface with the truth. Now he will count himself lucky if he makes it out alive. And sane.

My Review : An enticing cover and an equally engrossing blurb. I went into the book with very high expectations.

The beginning of the book is very promising and keeps you on the edge of what follows next. The writing style of the author although not exemplary, is sure to keep you guessing.

The main character is my main problem with the book. Avik, is our protagonist who pounces on every chance to kiss his colleagues/friends and never really gives a thought about their feelings.

He is blinded by the OBSESSION of fame and money and doesn’t even genuine care about his mother. Coming to his mother, I felt her character was certainly underdeveloped as was the character of Khyati, his longtime friend.

The twists and turns in the story were unexpected and that is what makes the book worth a read. The character of Avni was very well round and impressive in every sense.

If I turn a blind eye to what happens in the middle of the book, where the author seems to completely go off plot with the inclusion of some horrific and cringe worthy scenes, this book worked out completely well for me.

The ending was simple and sufficed me. And to be blatantly honest I was not expecting it after the over the top dream scenes of Avik that the author included in the prime of the book.

Being her debut novel and a good psychological thriller, I am surely looking forward to her next works.

My rating : 🌠🌠🌠. 9/5

About the author : Ruchi Kokcha is a poet and passionate reader with a Masters in English literature from Delhi University. She has taught creative writing in Hong Kong. Obsessed is her debut novel.

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Review : Rafina by Shandana Minhas.

Dreams no matter how unachievable they seem are always attainable. Don’t falter, screams the story of Rafina.

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How to read more books- tricks and tips.

Hey.Hey.Hey there.



Well,here I am back again with yet another bookish post(not a review this time,pffft)

A few of my non-bibliophile friends nagged me on how I manage to read a good amount of books every month thereby being in a tight schedule of my studies(it’s magic guys,really).Hahaha no. But life would’ve been so much easier with a little bit of magic right(eeks).

So,on this blogpost I will disclose some of my tricks(most of them you will find on Wikihow,tbh) but they are really effective and I have tried and tested them.

Basically I read about 8-10 books a month depending on whether it is a exam month or not(ughhh exams,right?)

I read 12 books last month that included two poetry books so they didn’t take much of my time. Without further ado lets start bloggin’.

  • 1. Speed-Reading works

Yes, you heard that right. Speed read. My normal speed is like 70-80 pages an hour(that’s an average speed tho). The trick to this is “try to omit the connecting words like the, is, are, have, did etc. If your speed is 30-40 pages an hour with this trick you can definitely increase the amount to 50 pages.

  • 2. Take out time for reading

Personally I get pissed when someone tells me they donot read books cause they are too busy with their college stuff and all. I am like, are you being serious? Barack Obama wrote books for God’s sake and you tell me you are too busy to even read one.

The trick here is to slip in a book every single minute you are free. Taking break during studies?Instead of picking up the phone read 10 pages(it would barely take you 8 minutes). Sipping your morning tea? READ ANOTHER 15 PAGES. Getting ready for your nap? 20 pages more. At the end of the day, you will probably be done with 50 pages or so.On holidays and weekends with a little bit less tight schedule try to tuck in 70-80 pages a day or so.

An average book has 250-300 pages so you can easily read one book a week if you follow this schedule (even on a school week or office week). And by the end of the month you will have already read 4 or 5 books.

*go pat yourself then or treat yourself to a brownie(in my case I buy more books,hahha.Not really a foodie)*

  • 3. E books to the rescue

We human are creatures of habit. So it is absolutely normal to forget your current read while going out and then regretting while you gotta wait for someone(or the bus). The thing I do is I read a book on my phone simultaneously(most of the time poetry books). Almost all the classics are free for download on Play Store on various apps like Free Books and Wattpad has a great collection of YA books if you are into this genre. So, yes E-books are very handy.

  • 4. Audiobooks are a boon

I have recently tried the audiobook thing and to be honest and God they are engrossing. Millions (almost all) of books are free on audiobook format on YouTube and you can of course listen to them for free.

I am currently listening to “Raven Cycle” by Maggie Stiefvater and it is pretty awesome.

The highly recommended audiobook series is the Illuminae series.

  • 5. Donot waste your time if you are not getting into the book

Remember. Not every book is your cup of tea. If you are not liking a particular book leave it at that. Donot waste your precious time trying to finish it.

I have tried and failed to read “Veronica Decides to Die” by Paulo Coelho and “Lolita” by Vladimir Novakov a number of times.

Donot feel guilty for DNFing. I Repeat. DONOT.

  • Switch between genres :

Uhm. This is something that works for me. I try to shuffle between the genres. I tend to make a list of “To Be Read” books every month and include diverse books in that way I donot get bored if I constantly read a पार्टी genre too much.