Book Review : #TrueBeing : by Sagar Datta.

Book : #TrueBeing

Author : Sagar Datta

Format : Ebook

Genre : Poetry / Self help.

Pages : 378

Publisher : Notionpress

Publication Date : January 2019

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

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Synopsis : Let’s live our lives

The way they are designed.

You walk on your path,

I walk on mine.

Let us listen to the truths

That are out there for us.

Let us embrace them all,

With our heart, soul and mind!

My Review : #TrueBeing by Sagar Datta is a piece of beautifully crafted Nonfiction that contains poems and proses exploring the themes of love, life and relationships.

Diverting from the mainstream cliched poetry books that only speaks about love and heartbreaks, the poet emphasizes on the importance of self-love. He picks up the details of our everyday life and feelings surrounding them, and decodes the meaning of life in a simpler way.

The poems are a delight to read and definitely relatable that makes oneself ponder on the things that are actually necessary in life. Complimenting them are little proses that further teaches us how to live a more meaningful life.

Although the central idea is love, the poet doesn’t restrict himself to only love poems and delves on self improvement, realization and growth of a person as a whole.

The illustrations of the book are equally beautiful and well thought out and adds to a more unique experience for the reader.

Definitely recommended.

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